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TicketMash is an online ticketing platform that helps event organizers promote their events and sell tickets.

We make it easy for event organizers to sell tickets for all kinds of events whether it's a local theatre production, a coffee brewing class, an educational conference or a sporting event. With TicketMash, event organizers can create a customizable event page, spread the word with social media, sell tickets and gain insights into their sales and marketing campaigns.

TicketMash is for anyone planning an event. It empowers event organizers to move beyond traditional ticketing practices to become more efficient and effective in bringing people together.

We understand that live events are inherently social and we are currently looking to further integrate social networks into the promotion of events. So stay tuned and watch this space!

If you are an event organizer and are planning to sell tickets, please contact us at enquiries@ticketmash.sg

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